Hi there, Tim here. I'm an Experience Designer focused on User Research, Usability, Information Architecture (IA), and Interaction Design (IxD).

About Me
What I Do

I balance business and user goals to create things that work. Strengths include:

  • Assessing quantitative data to find pain points in the customer experience.
  • Conducting and analyzing qualitative research to make data-informed design decisions.
  • A/B testing and presenting findings.
Why I Do It

People are interesting. I enjoy the process of learning why people do things. Designing without understanding a user's goals is disrespectful. Spending time to properly research the problem being solved and designing the right solution is respectful of the user's time.

"Tim helped out with a number of projects where we needed more insights that the raw data was giving us. Tim helped craft the user research studies, built out the tests and analysed the results with the sole focus on uncovering insights that would boost conversion - and that's exactly what he did. I can highly recommend working with Tim."
Mark Patchett, Ecom Growth Marketer
"Tim has a keen understanding for how a site should be organized and how to best lead the user through the site to meet our goals."
David Courtney, Digital Design Director
Case Studies
Basecamp 3 User Onboarding

Discovered problems in the user onboarding process for Basecamp 3 using moderated usability tests and user interviews. Provided proposed design solutions.

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Lunch Money App Prototype

Designed a mobile prototype for an app that allows parents and guardians of school age children to manage various aspects of their kids’ in-school cafeteria lunch accounts.

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Library Website Information Architecture

Conducted stakeholder research, designed, and tested the Information Architecture for a library website redesign.

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