Hi! I’m Tim, a designer researcher marketer from Buffalo, NY. I help organizations bridge the gap between UX design, content, and SEO. I’m extremely tidy – I love easy-to-navigate interfaces.

“Tim has a keen understanding for how a site should be organized and how to best lead the user through the site to meet our goals.”

David Courtney, Digital Design Director

What do you do?

I figure out how to balance business and user goals to create things that work. Currently, I work full-time as an SEO Strategist and practice UX design in my spare time. I recently finished a UX Design program, which provided me with a background in design theory, practice, and a framework for thinking.

Why do this stuff?

My favorite part of the design process is the challenge of truly understanding the problem I am trying to solve. It’s fulfilling to be able to make someone’s brain hurt a little less through considerate design.