Hey! I’m Tim, a designer researcher marketer from Buffalo, NY. I help organizations bridge the gap between UX design, research, content strategy, and SEO. I love discovering and solving web and software usability problems.

“Tim has a keen understanding for how a site should be organized and how to best lead the user through the site to meet our goals.”

David Courtney, Director of Web Services, Senior Art Director

“Tim displays a strong commitment to research, and has the ability to develop, test, and execute new strategies like few internet marketers I have known.”

Ian McIntyre, Search Manager, Analytics Strategist

What do you do?

I figure out how to balance business and user goals to create things that work. I work full-time as an SEO Strategist and practice UX Design/Research as a freelancer in my spare time. I completed a UX Design Masters program, which provided me with fundamental design theory, practice, and a framework for my design process. My strength is in conducting and analyzing qualitative research in order to make data-informed design decisions.

Why do this stuff?

Simply put, I loathe frustrating website and product experiences. They’re everywhere. I advocate for good, usable design. I enjoy figuring out why an experience sucks and how to fixe it. I’m here to make your brain hurt less.